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Sardegna in Trenino Verde
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A trip with the Trenino Verde (Green Train) is definitely one of the most unforgettable experiences that Sardinia can offer, opinion shared not only by foreign visitors but also from its inhabitants. This quaint train encloses in its name, coined in 1984, the characteristics that make it unique in its kind: little train because its narrow gauge (it is the longest line in Europe!), green because of the territories crossed by.

The anachronistic train crosses wild and unaltered landscapes, carrying passengers in a world apart from the present time, giving the opportunity to reach the heart of Sardinia, the real and most authentic side, otherwise unreachable. For this reasons the green is train one of the best ways to learn about the different aspects of the island’s landscape, on a difficult route but capable to give unique images of the hidden Sardinia.
The green train runs through an area rich in vegetation, building the railway has made possible to cross the center of Sardinia through an adventurous route, among cliffs, wild valleys, rich forests where you may spot mouflon, wild boars, foxes and other native species, deep gorges and superb bridges. A landscape remained almost unchanged over the years.

Trenino Verde: a journey into the soul of Sardinia!

"It’s a strange railway.
It shoots up hills and down into valleys and races around sudden curves with the greatest nonchalance….”

(David H. Lawrence)

Viale Sant'Avendrace 289 Cagliari (CA)
mobile: (+39) 3384592082

Reg. Regional Tour Operator Register n. 476
VAT IT04006800926
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